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Empower Your Dreams

Affirmative Art is a powerful tool that helps us identify our true purpose.


Empower Your Dreams

With Affirmative Art you draw your dreams - what you truly want in life - 

and create action steps to empower your dreams.

See how it works in the video below



How does it work?

1. Join a workshop

Register with the local Affirmative Art workshop host 



2. Draw your dreams

The workshop is led by the Affirmative Art Team



3. Share your dreams

Meet people encouraging your dreams and take action



4. Join the community

Join the local community for more Affirmative Art workshops





The story

Affirmative Art team in Uganda





Affirmative Art began in Africa. In 2012 we realized art could be a powerful tool for identifying goals and visions in life.
If we visually define our purpose in life, we bring it closer and make it more real.
Eirik Jarl Trondsen was living in Africa at the time, and saw that Affirmative Art could be a powerful tool for development, as art is a universal language, which does not require literacy, and is cheap and available to all.
The initial process of identifying one's vision or purpose is an eye opener, as many people have not had the opportunity to think about what they want to get out of life. 
Later we realized that Affirmative Art needed to be supported by concrete actions. There needs to be a correlation between the vision, 
as defined through Affirmative Art, and taking action.








Affirmative Art is on the road bringing workshops to people all around the world. 

Explore the dreams captured and the experience of empowering dreams across cities and countries.



Eirik Jarl Trondsen

Norway - Uganda - Kenya - worldwide


Eirik founded Affirmative Art in Africa where he has been living and working with non-government organizations and development for 15 years. He is an artist, entrepreneur, and SPURS fellow at MIT 2015/16.

Claudia Paraschiv

Boston, MA, USA


Claudia is an architect, urbanist, and community-artist with experience in participatory art-making and design.

She co-created the USA16 Tour.

"Affirmative Arnold"

Byaruhanga Arnold

East Africa


Affirmative Art East Africa, Coordinator and Facilitator covering Congo, Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda.

+256 775 072062

Sika Foyer

New York, NY, USA

Sika is an abstractionist who uses poetry, painting and photography to engage her audience in insightful discourses about who and what we are about.

Fabio Tedde

Communication and Documentation.

(Pianist Without Borders).

Italian-born Fabio Tedde was musically inspired from a young age. His formative years were spent watching and learning from his father Mario Tedde, a renowned pianist and accomplished composer from Sardinia, Italy. Fabio has performed throughout the world and has attracted public attention thanks to his ability to improvise on the spot. His music reflects his encounters with cultures around the world. Fabio helped organize various African Affirmative Art tours between 2019-2020. His main task in terms of Affirmative Art is documentation during the workshops, using photography and videography. He is also sharing content on all Affirmative Art social media platforms. His main goal is to share, promote and empower the dreams of participants that attend Affirmative Art workshops.

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