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1 day left of the tour!

Hi friend! Tomorrow is the last day of Affirmative Art Tour 2016. We have learned so much from everyone we have met, and would like to thank you all who opened your community to us, who opened your home to us, and all the participants who opened your hearts and shared your dreams. Tomorrow at 2:00pm to 6:00pm we will share all the dreams collected during this tour across the USA, on an exhibition by the LA River. You are welcome to join us there or online. Join the Finale Event →

We would also like to share with you our experience from the last cities we have been too, and the amazing people we have met:

Fort Collins, CO

We had a wonderful inter-generational group in Fort Collins. In this case there were three generations in the same family who came because the father had gone to high school with Eirik many years ago. Yes, over and over, we learn that everything is all about relationships. We learned of the assurance and accountability of living in a small community. We fully identified with one of the participant’s self portrait of a sponge: “what comes into the sponge is all the grace from the universe and what goes out of the sponge is love and compassion.” See the dreams →

Denver, CO

The Red Line Gallery in Denver CO is an exciting and admirable place where social justice and fine art uplift each other in a productive feedback loop. We were lucky to have Michael Anderson, a long-time local activist, connect us to this place and great community where we tried something new in the workshop: people interpreted each other’s dreams before articulating the personal desire. See what you think! See the dreams →

Taos, NM

We had one of our largest groups in the beautiful St James Church. The diverse participants were a long-time community, tight-knit with overlapping pasts and dreams. See the dreams →

Albuquerque, NM

Sandia Baptist Church welcomed us with open arms, a good dinner, and great generosity of spirit - we set up this fantastic and purposeful workshop on the very day we did it! See the dreams →

Thank you so much for your support!

- Affirmative Art Team

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