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CoLab Radio Weekly Feature

Hi friend! We would like to announce our collaboration with CoLab Radio to do a weekly feature about the Affirmative Art Tour 2016. Here you can read more about why Affirmative Art was founded, about the team, and more in-depth about our experience on the road.

“Affirmative Art” offered in communities across the U.S.

What is your true desire for your life, and for your community? When was the last chance you had to think about this? So often, the structures we operate within muffle our dreams. Affirmative Art is a process in which people can express their deepest desires.

The Affirmative Art Tour is a cross-country journey in which a team of three artists is hosting workshops in local communities to empower individual dreams, and collect them as a constellation of visions of purposeful lives.

We started our journey on May 6th by outfitting the Dream Machine – a 2004 Ford Econoline van. We’ll be driving across the United States in this van over 21 days , and chronicling that journey on CoLab Radio. Continue reading here →

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