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7 cities left - Next stop: Fort Collins, CO

Hi friend! We are now going through the midwest on our tour empowering dreams, and would like to share with you our experience from the cities recently visited.

Minneapolis, MI Minneapolis is our one two day stop, to take a break and do laundry! Luckily Claudia's cousins live here and we were happy to stay with them, and super excited they agreed to open up and draw their dreams too!

See the dreams →

Sioux Falls, SD

We didn’t have firm plans in Sioux City. We walked to the local art supply store, JAM, that is part store, part gallery, full social space. We met local artists including Trish who has her bright, dynamic work on exhibit after only beginning to paint just over two years ago. We were served lemon cake and drew at the kid’s making table until the place closed. See the dreams →

Rapid City, SD

The Hope Center in Rapid City was powerful. It is a place based on relationships not programs, without many rules besides not showing up intoxicated. Leticia, who works at Hope, welcomed us at mid-day on a Friday, the one day the center closes early at 2:30pm, and we were there until it closed. . Tanya Standing Soldier, one of the participants, chose the Hope Center as one of her three main sources of support when completing the “Triangle Exercise.” See the dreams →

Next stop: Fort Collins, Colorado

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Thank you so much for your support! We hope to see you soon!

- Affirmative Art Team

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