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10 cities left - Next stop: Minneapolis, MI

Hi friend! We are now halfway on our tour empowering dreams, and would like to share with you our experience from the cities recently visited.

Detroit, MI - May 13th We were welcomed and inspired by Rebecca “Bucky” Willis and Felicia Hatcher-Taylor to April’s delicious cafe, Good Cakes And Bakes, on Livernois Avenue. We gathered around tables and talked for a good long while before getting to the drawing. Although these community leaders have worked together, we all got to know each other in novel, more personal ways. New ideas for projects emerged. And, writing this on the road to Chicago, the Affirmative Art Team is delighted that Bucky has joined the Tour for a couple stops! See the dreams →

Detroit, MI - May 14th

We were happy to participate in the Palmer Park Art Fair on Saturday, May 14th in Detroit. This was a beautiful location next to the only log cabin in Detroit; the local Friends of Palmer Park are working on restoring the historic structure. While we mainly focused on painting the Dream Machine, one young participant was excited to draw his dream. See the dreams →

Flint, MI

Joe Schipani of Flint Public Art Project brought us to My Brother’s Keeper in Flint, MI. Many people asked us why we came to Flint; yes, we answered, because of the news, and because wanted to feel the city for ourselves. It is indeed vibrant, dynamic, and simply bigger than what we’ve been hearing in the media. There are certainly problems, but a great deal of creativity too. Thank you Antoine Morris for your hospitality and we hope the Art Gallery continues at

My Brother’s Keeper! See the dreams →

Chicago, IL

In Chicago we went to the Black Cinema House to hear Miriam Petty speak about African American stars in the 1930s - a great presentation! After the talk and refreshments, everyone welcomed us and came out to paint the Dream Machine. A fantastic time in Chicago at a great institution! See the painting →

Madison, WI

In Madison, we parked and walked. We needed a break, and there’s nothing like a good walk in a new place. We met artists on the street, painted the van, and continued the conversation in the local coffee shop, Espresso Royale, our office for the day. Above, Benjamin Pierce helps with the Dream Machine.

See the dreams →

Next stop: Minneapolis, MI

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Thank you so much for your support! We hope to see you soon!

- Affirmative Art Team

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