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15 cities left - Next stop: Detroit

Hi friend! We have now been to 7 cities over 7 days, and would like to share with you our experience from the Affirmative Art Tour.

Harlem, NY Our first official day on the road went to Harlem, NY. Chenchita’s Garden has been on the corner of this rare one acre greenspace in Harlem since 1973! Angela has been nourishing it and the community for many years, and we were lucky to begin our cross-country tour in this magical space of green leaves, garden surprises, and rich black earth. See the dreams →

New York, NY

Columbia Sunday Greenmarket on Mother’s Day was a novel experience for Affirmative Art. Usually we have a dedicated group for our two hour workshop, but on this day we opened up shop on the dynamic sidewalk market by Columbia University. Market Managers Luz and Margaret generously helped us with a table and space and we were happily surprised at the great curiosity, conversations, and Affirmative Art created! See the dreams →

Princeton, NJ

Back to school! Our morning at Princeton Montessori was welcoming and productive, with some of the best moments coming through when we all shared dreams around the tables, and outside painting the Dream Machine!

See the dreams →

Philadelphia, PA

Sunshine Arts Foundation is a magical place. Executive Director Sheila Modglin, and resident artists Patrick and Fen welcomed us into a house of great creativity located on an unsuspecting street in Philadelphia. The workshop was dynamic with plenty of energy and neighborhood kids of all ages who come in for the daily open workshops from 4-6pm. We highly recommend you stopping by next time you visit the City of Brotherly Love! See the dreams →

Washington D.C.

THEARC is an amazing organization, and we were so happy to be in the creative ArtReach space with an inter-generational group of wonderful people! The workshop went on quite past the time allotted, and spilled out into the street after we could no longer be in the room. We talked and shared openly, and if you read through some of the dreams shared, you will be struck as we were, and as the youngest participant noted: “my dreams will expand to other people like a supernova.” See the dreams →

Pittsburgh, PA

We had no idea, when coming to Most Wanted Fine Art that they specialized in Art Cars! Well, we set up shop out on the sidewalk, engaged with three amazing brothers in their future dreams, and got some much needed lessons in how to paint the Dream Machine! See the dreams →

Cleveland, OH

Gwen Garth, Erick Rodriguez, and Jan Thrope welcomed us into the Art Palace, the brain child of Gwen to create Art Kings and Queens. We had another heart-warming and provocative inter-generational group, including some day-care kids we couldn’t photograph, but we captured one very special dream. We had some powerful moments of presenting their dreams as a second step (after drawing them!) to achieving them! See the dreams →

Next stop: Detroit, Michigan

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Thank you so much for your support! We hope to see you soon!

- Affirmative Art Team

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